Some Idiomatic Comparisons | Learn About Comparative Idioms With Examples

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Comparative Idioms in English

A Comparative Idiom is an Idiomatic Expression that is used to emphasize a particular quality of a person or a thing by comparing it to something else (another person or thing). For example, My grandfather was as brave as a lion. [It means: My grandfather was a very brave person (like a lion).]

Now, have a look at the following Idiomatic Comparisons and try to understand them.

1) As black as coal [In summer days, my face becomes as black as coal.]

2) As busy as a bee [Hey Tom, are you as busy as a bee? I called you yesterday, but you didn't receive my call.]

3) As cold as ice [The dead body has become as cold as ice.]

4) As cunning as a fox [I don't like a person who is as cunning as a fox.]

5) As greedy as a wolf [She has become as greedy as a wolf.]

6) As hard as stone [Hey Jane, have you gone mad? Your heart has become as hard as stone.]

7) As hungry as a hawk [I have to take some food. I'm as hungry as a hawk now.]

16) As weak as a kitten [Hey Tom, you are as weak as a kitten. Eat healthy foods and try to avoid junk foods.]

8) As timid as a hare [Don't be as timid as a hare. Have the courage to do something great in your life.]

9) As sweet as honey [Her talks are as sweet as honey.]

10) As silly as a sheep [Don't be as silly as a sheep. Think differently and work intelligently.]

11) As light as a feather [Your hat is as light as a feather.]

12) As hot as fire [We should not stay here for a longer time. This place is as hot as fire.]

13) Eat like a horse [She is eating like a horse. Hey Tom, you're eating like a horse. It's not good for your health.]

14) As stupid as a donkey [Tom! You're as stupid as a donkey.]

15) As dead as a stone [The heart of an executioner is as dead as a stone | His heart has become as dead as a stone.]

16) As blue as the sky [She looks very beautiful and her eyes are as blue as the sky.]

17) As bright as a day [Your future is as bright as a day.]

18) As free as the air/bird [Now, I'm as free as the air. | I'm as free as the bird.]

19) As precious as a diamond [This stone is as precious as a diamond.]

20) As mute as a fish [Hey John, say something, don't stay as mute as a fish.]

More Examples

As dry as dust, As dirty as a pig, As bitter as gall, As steady as a rock, As thin as a hair, As bright as silver, As free as a bird, As fast as a hare, As fierce as a tiger, As fresh as a rose, As gentle as a lamb, As green as grass, As white as snow, As sure as death, As cool as a cucumber, As sharp as a razor, As round as a ball, As dark as midnight, As slow as a snail, As white as snow, As fat as a pig, As red as blood

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